Why do Solicitors ask so many questions? There’s a good reason why.

“Solicitors are inherently nosey. They are always poking into people’s businesses for no good reason”.

Whilst that may well be true, it actually is not the reason that – particularly in conveyancing transactions – solicitors ask a lot of questions of their clients.

TBI acts for a lot of clients in conveyancing matters where they never come into the office at all. This has been due to a move towards an electronically-focused service that makes the process faster and remote, and ultimately more convenient all round.

The real answer to the barrage of questions? Money Laundering Regulations.

From what I gather, the government believe that criminals will try to hide their ill-gotten gains by buying houses.

Many people will have heard of the process called laundering money. Illegal money is often called ‘dirty money’ and the expression explains how you wash the dirty money by buying a house and thereby creating clean money when you sell the house.

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